LDL Cholesterol level: Your lab results explained

LDL Cholesterol level: Your lab results explained

LDL cholesterol level: the difference between LDL and LDL cholesterol level; Is LDL-cholesterol truly ‘bad’ cholesterol? Is HDL-cholesterol protective? An in depth look at LDL cholesterol level and its physiological significance.

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LDL cholesterol level under 100mg/dL. LDL vs LDL-cholesterol, cholesterol is NOT the problem, HDL is NOT good cholesterol and LDL is not ‘bad’. lipoproteins carry fat. lipoproteins: low density lipoprotein or LDL vs high-density lipoprotein or HDL. lab results: LDL-cholesterol level, not LDL. lipoproteins (LDL) carry cholesterol. LDL-cholesterol is cholesterol carried in LDL lipoproteins. LDL lipoproteins = cars. LDL-cholesterol = passengers

HDL-cholesterol = cholesterol traveling in HDL lipoproteins. add all cholesterol = Total cholesterol (lab results)

Triglycerides in lipoproteins. LDL vs LDL-cholesterol level. good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? is LDL-cholesterol ‘bad’? animals with high LDL-cholesterol level, people with high LDL-cholesterol level = heart disease. people with low LDL-cholesterol level are health freaks?

RCTs on LDL-cholesterol level: group with LDL-cholesterol level lowered has less heart disease. high LDL-cholesterol level is a problem. strong case that high LDL-cholesterol level is an issue

we have different levels of LDL-cholesterol. low ldl-cholesterol level from birth = less heart disease. ldl-cholesterol level not 100% in genes

high LDL-cholesterol level spells trouble. “no longer an ‘LDL-Cholesterol hypothesis’. increased LDL-Cholesterol level causal; lowering LDL particles reduces events”. “cholesterol-containing lipoproteins, particularly LDL cause CHD”

does high LDL-cholesterol level cause heart disease? main problem are lipoproteins, not LDL-cholesterol. “number of lipoprotein particles rather than cholesterol or triglycerides”
Heart disease caused by lipoproteins stuck in artery wall. lab results: LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides. apoB (carried by LDL) tells us number of lipoproteins

LDL-P (particles) = count of LDL lipoproteins. LDL lipoproteins = cause of heart disease. lab results: cholesterol… Is LDL-cholesterol level useless? for most people, more lipoproteins = more cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol level = ok estimation

non-HDL cholesterol (Total cholesterol – HDL-cholesterol) = cholesterol not carried by HDL lipoproteins. if LDL-cholesterol level is good, chances are LDL particles are ok. lipoproteins carry cholesterol. too many lipoproteins cause heart disease, esp. LDL. LDL-Cholesterol gives idea of LDL lipoproteins
is HDL good? high HDL-cholesterol = less heart disease. hence good cholesterol. BUT raising HDL-cholesterol or genetically high HDL-cholesterol isn’t better
“simplistic hypothesis for HDL-cholesterol: increasing levels reduces CV events”. HDL not useless. HDL lipoproteins pull cholesterol from plaque. raising HDL-Cholesterol? people ask “how do I get my HDL higher” (they mean hdl-cholesterol, on lab results)
very high HDL-cholesterol level associated with higher risk? high LDL-Cholesterol + HDL-Cholesterol? is HDL-Cholesterol “bad”? good vs bad cholesterol doesn’t match evidence. LDL isn’t “bad”. We all have LDL and LDL-cholesterol. LDL-cholesterol like other parameters

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video on lowering cholesterol with healthy foods. next video we’ll keep looking at cholesterol

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  1. Im beginning to like this guy. Im trying to get the best info I can and he seems to be on it! thumbs up

  2. I am on a keto diet for 3 years went from pre-diabetic to the numbers of a 20 year old. I lost my smell do to covid and it came back after 2 yers of keto. My LDL went from 125 to 170. I will not take meds I feel amazing and went from 230 to 180. I am an avid body builder and at 51 i do HIIT training and I lift and bike and run daily. I gota particle test I do not think the doc could even read it he blew t off but said it was good. But wants me on meds. I eat butter eggs and red meat often I fast and eat 2 meals a day. Should I be concerned with this increase in LDL. My HDL was 30 and he wated that higher he said through exercise it is now 45. If it needs to be lowered can i do it with lean meats? I only eat grass fed meats. Does that play a role? Please let me know

  3. You should be discussing the difference between LDL type B vs LDL type A in terms of cardio health, and the importance of one over the other rather than simply LDL

  4. My brother is super fit and lean does triathlons and has a resting heart rate of 50bpm, he’s got crazy high 8.5 LDL and is freaking out, doc wants to put him on statins he’s 49.

  5. Lipid profile test
    Total cholesterol:165
    Triglycerides serum:64
    VLDL cholesterol:12.8
    HDL cholesterol:56.6
    LDL cholesterol:96
    T cholesterol/HDL cholesterol:3
    Heart Rate 87
    Blood glucose levels:83
    It’s normal please answer me sir 🙏🙏

  6. Just had some results from the Doc that said my total cholesterol is 290, she said it needs to come down, or I may need medication!
    Im 49 years old and pretty slim, non smoker and drinker.

  7. Holy Moly that was a whole-lot-a info. Would have been good if you slowed yourself down explaining it all to us. Going to rest my brain now before I have a brain attack thinking about preventing a heart attack. HDL LDL LOL.

  8. Doctor, I have an important question. I have been using levetiron medication for hypothyroidism for 4 months. Before using levothyrone medication, my LDL level was 130. Now it has increased to 190 within 4 months. What’s the reason for this?

  9. Please explain why high LDL PEOPL LIVE THE LONGEST.
    In a previous review of 19 studies, where the authors had followed 30 cohorts including more than 68,000 elderly people after having measured their LDL-C, we found that in the studies representing more than 90% of the participants, those with the highest LDL-C lived the longest; none of the studies found the opposite [ …

  10. My lipid profile is perfect but because of genetic factors my Lipoprotein A levels are very high 50mg/dl
    Can you make a video about lipoprotein A and how mangega it please please please

  11. You say that "what causes the traffic jam is an excess of cars, not passengers", but you also say that the HDL "cars" pull cholesterol (not the cars) from plaque. Can you clarify, please?

  12. Great content with a sufficiently nuanced explanation. I think if someone understands this they’ve got at least enough information to realise they don’t need to listen to every new "cholesterol is great!" Or "cholesterol kills you!" headline they read. Thanks, as ever, for teaching people how to think about information.

  13. Total is 271
    Triglyc 87-nice
    HDL rising 116, was in 80’s
    LDL 138
    Non-HDL cholesterol (Calcium) 155
    Since then Calcium score scan 0
    Take iscocapent for non cardio reasons.
    Cardiologist says high HDL is good, but is it?

  14. What about the different types of LDL? What about the oxidation of LDL because of blood sugar? What about high LDL on ketogenic diet?

  15. At June my LDL was 194 , i was eating eggs every day with 2 yolk , and twice a week eed meat with fat .Also, i added commercial olive oil it was mixed with regular oil .
    Before few months i quit eggs and reduced red meat and avoid olive oil . I eat only nutts for fat . My LDL now is 149 .
    I am planning to reduce it more after 3 months .

  16. From what I read, HDL and LDL cholesterol are markers and not makers.

    In other words, they repair the wounded arteries and do not harm them at all.


    So my question is: what it the biochemical mechanism, at the level of cell membranes, what molecules harm the artery wall? An how?

    I am talking about cell membranes receptors and membrane transport molecules.

    I am not talking about those animation that show how cholesterol repairs the tissue.

    Population studies, no matter how controlled they are, are inconclusive, because of the unavoidable multi-factorial nature of the human health – so many factor are co-dependent, so many factors can no be controlled than nobody can be sure.

    Biochemical studies are different from statistics. Biochemical studies show the intimate processes that would the artery wall, there are tissue-level biochemical processes taken place there.
    However, I did not came across about such a study. In absence pf a clear cause -effect explanation at biochemistry level, no statistics in this world is relevant.

    So, what are the biochemical reactions and molecule transport chains at the cell and tissue level that cause artery plaque?

  17. And the clouds finally part on LDL vs LDL-cholesterol! I’ve been a viewer of your videos for a while now, but it took until just now to grasp the "cars vs passengers" thing. So… yeah. Thank you for this! I’ll end with a question for you or the community: Why does the total cholesterol value include 20% of the triglyceride number? Would love to know more about that. Cheers!

  18. My HDL is low like 33, 34, even 27 after age of 43. Triglycerides is in the 200-300 range. Total cholesterol and LDL are always normal. Otherwise I am pretty healthy. What is wrong with my HDL and triglycerides?

  19. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🔍 LDL and LDL cholesterol are distinct entities with different roles in the body’s lipid transport system.
    00:27 🚗 LDL and HDL are types of lipoproteins responsible for transporting fats, including cholesterol, in the bloodstream.
    01:24 📊 Total cholesterol in the bloodstream is the sum of cholesterol carried by different lipoproteins, including LDL and HDL.
    02:17 🩺 Scientific evidence suggests a correlation between high LDL-cholesterol levels and heart disease in both lab animals and human population studies.
    03:42 🧬 Genetic differences influence LDL-cholesterol levels, but lifestyle changes can still significantly impact cholesterol management.
    04:36 🔑 Strong consensus in the scientific community supports the causal relationship between elevated LDL-cholesterol and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
    05:31 🚗 The quantity of lipoprotein particles, not just cholesterol content, is a critical factor in cardiovascular health.
    06:27 📈 Testing for apoB and LDL-P can provide insights into the number of lipoprotein particles, complementing the information provided by LDL-cholesterol levels.
    08:17 🚫 Raising HDL-cholesterol levels might not provide cardiovascular benefits as previously believed, based on various trials and studies.
    09:39 🔄 Avoid oversimplifying the role of lipoproteins as merely ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cholesterol, as the context is more nuanced and complex.

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  20. I’d be much appreciate if if you could give advice on how I can improve my cholesterol condition. My recent lipid profile: LDL 214, HDL 116, and HL ratio 1.8, total cholesterol 335. Despite daily intermittent fasting (22-24 hour eating window), a healthy diet with meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, and regular exercise, my cholesterol levels remain high. I have a low body fat percentage (11-12%), low visceral fat (7), and normal triglycerides (37), with a BMI of 19, weight of 62kg, and I’m 54 years old. I’m puzzled about the need for treatment. Note: I consume minimal sugar, except when breaking my fast with a small portion of sweets, accompanied by various nuts and a cup of coffee, just before dinner (one meal a day).

  21. Just spitballing here. In theory, if I had more protein in my diet equaling more protein (cars carrying passengers) there is less likely these passengers (ldl cholesterol) don’t cause blockages. So does a nigh protein diet help?

  22. Hi Dr Gil, I appreciate your channel, you’re:;one of the only people I trust on this very confusing issue of health and diet. But I am still a little confused about this topic. I am fifty five years old and relatively healthy ,I eat a mainly plant based diet with fish and eggs occasionally. I just got a lipid Panel for the first time. This is what it says.
    Total 144
    HDL 45
    Triglycerides 63
    LDL 85
    From what I have read,it seems that the LDL and triglycerides are ok but the HDL seems on the low side. What do you think?

  23. Alright, so it’s possible that someone with low LDL-cholesterol have high LDLs, but is it the opposite also possible? Someone with high LDL-cholesterol to have low LDLs?

  24. If i eat before a cholesterol test, my ldl isnt too bad but of i havent eaten for 12 plus hours, ldl tends to be quite high. Not sure of the science here.

  25. Thank you for the intellectual, academic rigor you apply when interpreting research results and simplifying guidance for viewers. I’ve never known you to allow your personal dietary choices to encroach on dietary guidelines you provide for your viewers. I also appreciate that your videos do not have an agenda to sell branded supplements as do many YouTube doctors, chiropractors and dietitians. You do a wonderful job of helping consumers to think more like scientists and less like targets for gimmicks. Thank you.

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