Top 5 Most Common Blood Pressure Medications

Top 5 Most Common Blood Pressure Medications

Discuss top 5 most commonly prescribed medications used to treat high blood pressure.

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  1. I’ve been on Lisinopril for years. Just lately, I’m having swings between extremely high blood pressure to episodes of syncope. Any suggestions regarding a substitute for Lisinopril?

  2. Ive tried all these meds except for Amlodipine
    Losartan has worked the best. Doctor wanted to change to Amlodipine but I read side effects on that med and it’s a shit med

  3. Your #1 is the worst of them all… google lisinopril lip, horrible, it should be off the market cause it can cause death, suffocation

  4. Amlodipine was great—low heart rate though. My problem with it? It turned my lower left leg/foot only into a log–big time swelling. Doc said left leg because the blood return takes longer in the left leg due to the main vein going up and traversing onto the right side torso to the heart!? (I think this is the correct versing!). Now I take Metoprolol and Lisinipril.

  5. I know this was two years ago that you posted this video but I just found your site now and I was wondering if you can do a video on clonidine please. Thank you.

  6. Can Lorsatan been taken with Atenolol at the same time or 1 in the morning and the other one in the noon ? Someone told me that these medications can be taken at the same time but I don’t trust that person.

  7. Motoporol is my go-to blood pressure. Sometimes you have to add Lisinopril to make it a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They work very well together.

  8. Get out, and Walk. Walk at a quick pace. You will love being outside and know it is keeping you healthy.

  9. Lisinopril ruined my life for years. I couldn’t lose weight and felt like garbage all the time. I finally got off of it but supplementing beet extract and magnesium. I have lost 50 lbs since getting off of it and feel great now. Avoid medications if you can at all costs.

  10. I take 50mg x 2 of Metoprolol Tartrate a day. I’ve been on the same dosage since I was put on it in Feb 2011. It’s never been changed.

  11. What about Atenolol, it’s works for me. Those drugs that you mentioned didn’t work especially Lisinopril which is the side effect is terrible.

  12. Kindly tell any good blood pressure medicine which dosen’t effect libido and testosterone and erectile function , thanks

  13. I put myself on Lisinopril 10mgabout 2 years ago because my pressure was very high and I sswear all my symptoms are gone and feel great.

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  15. I have tried 5 different types of pressure pills instead of bringing it down it decides to put it up higher

  16. Well i.take amlodipine 5 mg twice a day it’s no good for me I also take carvedilol 25 mg twice a day thsts no good for me cause me to be incontinent, slow heart rate, I have hypothyroid, I’ve been on.metprolol , lisinnopril, valsartan Larsartan non Of them are good for me I m having problem after problem lisonopril robbed me of potassium so I have to take potassium cause I dont make it no more. So wats out there for me . ? Just wanna know



  18. A lifelong migraineur from the age of 5, I don’t tolerate drugs of any kind without paying the price via debilitating headaches. Am presently on Amlodipine. Within 20 minutes of taking it, I am in full-blown migraine. My cardiologist flat out “told me” Amlodipine doesn’t give patients headaches! Wanna bet? Infuriating, not to mention frustrating. Been on most of the drugs, if not all and then some listed with terrible side effects ranging in order: Headaches, fatigue, depression, low quality of life. So what is one to do?

  19. Pee pills is no way to control B P. How stupid is is it to be forced to go pee multiple times a day and night, couldn’t believe a doctor did that to me after finding out this side effects.

  20. I was on all of these. I hade side effects on each. The really bad side effects were a build up of joint pain. I believe 4 of them gave me joint pain from really bad to heavy moderate. I was on low dosages My high BP isn’t that high for the most part. But when medicine makes you feel worse it isn’t worth it. One med gave me ED .. After 6 different meds they put me on Clonidine. Which control’s BP pretty good But if i take m ore than . 1 mg at a time it makes me drozy about 1 he later. But i need about .25 mg a day. So i take it 5 times a day. Which is a bit of a pain in the but.

  21. Why does no one mention the very often problem with ace and arbs is the decrease in kidney function it is known for?

  22. Go extremely low carb and you won’t need any of this shit. My bp averages 114 / 70 ….58 year old male …was on atenelol and Lisinopril…got off both. Lost 26 lbs…A1C- 5.2 triglycerides 60 .. glucose averages 80 .Big pharma/ your Dr. Are lying to you.

  23. In India ayurveda prescribes Divya Mukta Vati.. all natural medicine however some people may experience difficulty in breathing as side effects.. do comment on this if possible.

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  25. I’m on numbers 2 and 3….feeling pretty good. From time to time, I will have some dizziness and lightheaded-ness. Overall, I believe these are working well for me, and thankfully I have not experienced any other side-effects.

  26. Took Micardis for a number of years. No problem until it went generic and I stopped. Medical professional then prescribed amlodipine besylate which I took for 2 days and quit from dizziness. Now I take nothing and life is good. BP meds are a scam people.

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