The Impact Of Stress On Your Heart

The Impact Of Stress On Your Heart

Stress can have a big impact on our health – including our hearts. That’s why it’s important to keep our stress in check. Today we’re learning more about that connection, and how to manage stress successfully.

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  1. I’m having postpartum depression and recovering from delivering a 10 pound baby. I can feel my heart being in pain. A tight squeeze like I’m dying and that itself stresses me out.

  2. Office politics .
    Bullying makes u unnecessary stress resulting me in blood pressure and early age chest pain

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  4. Can someone help me figure out what I have, I have toxic parents so I can’t talk to them about that.
    So basically, usually when I’m home alone I start working for school and then I start thinking ab exams and what my parents tell me ( my parents are always like you’re going to end up whith no future and if u have not a grade plus than a B YOU are going to have some serious consequences) and suddenly I start crying so so hard and I start screaming and suffocating it’s like I don’t know how to cry I mean I scream and at the same time I bowl so hard and I get hot and I feel my heart beating so fast and I start quivering and I can’t breath so I get more scared and cry louder and I can’t calm down only few minutes later.

    Please help idk what is it I had it twice in my life, idk if it’s stress but yeah can someone explain me

  5. My father passed away because of broken heart syndrome. This broken heart syndrome cause heart failure and killed my father.

  6. I’m scared I’ve had a few heart attacks without knowing….My chest hurts when I’m really stressed

  7. I don’t know how I’m stressed I feel fine though, I get sad often but I always still get happy after it anyway. Why this happening to me ,-,

  8. I was hoping he would mention cortisol which is I believe a hormone that is released when a human is stressed out or any animal I guess. That cortisol increase can possibly create an environment for a heart attack to occur.

    About seven or eight years back I was delivering flowers on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day I forget, and I had a lot of plants and flowers to deliver, it was very stressful driving because the people are driving slowly and I had a lot to deliver so I got stressed out. I momentarily felt pain in my left arm and I felt flush and pale. I pulled up to the red light and put the car in park, closing my eyes, laying back in my seat with slow intentional deep breaths. It finally wore off and I took my time delivering the flowers for the rest of the route. LOL but that was kind of scary.

    However, for the people who feel scared reading this, don’t worry, what will happen if you do get a heart attack is that even though you will feel some pain in the beginning you’ll pass out from lack of oxygen, so you won’t feel the full force of the pain when you pass on. You ask how do I know this? Because I kind of felt a little light-headed at first.

    Good luck! 😇

  9. I have been in severe stress for the last 13 years now I got diastolic dysfunction stage 4 at the age of 33

  10. Well I endured child abuse by my mom, domestic abuse by my ex husband, and stress of being a single mom. I did drink a little and at good food not health foods. Now at 51 I walk 10 miles a day and eat healthy.

  11. Most effect way out of broken heart syndrome is crying hysterically to let out all of those emotions. Let them flow like blood out of a slit artery. This combined with shake therapy, should completely relax your nervous system. You’ll know it worked if you feel very sleepy afterwards.
    IMO, crying is the true fountain of youth. Just gotta overcome the conditioning that causes most people to fear the stigma and embarrassment associated with crying.

  12. A healthy life will always find life meaningful, being finally cured from this heart disease using an herbal medicine from Dr. Gbenga was my greatest Adventure in life, all thanks to Dr. Gbenga for his help.


  14. My constant nornal bp at resting is 140/120 or something similar i been smoking since 12 years of age and drinking heavily and my heart over the years just simply cannot cope with the stress my advice to everyone out there STOP WHILE YOUR AHEAD because it only leads to bad things

  15. Anyone else with panic attacks and anxiety attacks feel like their hearts are gonna stop suddenly or when you stand it feels like you’re gonna pass out

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