1. My mum got diabetes 10 years ago and they didnt even suggest to take my mum to a heart specialist just incase. 8 years later shes had multi organ failuere and barely survives a coma with the loss of 1 and a half foot. And lost both her hands besides 1 thumb. Due to lack of blood flow. After seeing a specialist after she recovered he said everythings fine see you in a couple years… after 2 years mums had a heart attack and recovered again… and was reffered to another heart specialised . He found the problem. My mum was born with a bigger tube and shpuld have been looked at along time ago. Docters failed to even help suggest this. But a specialist picked it up when its too late?and says she might have a heart attack and could die anytime. Mums 68 now birthday was last week and we dont know what to do.?? Do i sue them for being so neglegent? If we knew to see a certian docter who could have pickes this up things would be different.

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