Having a skilled primary care clinician will go a long way to maintaining your health and wellness. In this program on primary care basic, Dr. Robert B. Baron discusses the best practices in how to measure blood pressure, treatment goals, diet, lifestyle and medications. Recorded on 02/22/2023. [6/2023] [Show ID: 38791]

Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date.

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  1. I follow the method recommended to me by Mayo Clinic to measure BP. . I work with statistics and am a Certified Quality Engineer so I have a basic working knowledge of measurements and statistics. Mayo has people sit for at least five minutes and take six readings. Mayo uses automatic devices that don’t require medical staff to be present. They exclude the highest reading and average five remaining readings. It was explained to me that if there are errors in the readings it is most likely to give a high reading thus the logic of excluding the highest reading. . Also the standard deviation for the readings is 2 units (in other words based on random testing variability alone a reading of 120 is just as likely to be 132). So taking one, two or three readings can grossly mislead. So take six readings at home, exclude the highest reading and average the remaining five readings. This absolutely gives you the best chance at getting an accurate reading. The Mayo method makes a lot of sense based on the statistical information available. It will definitely give the most accurate results.

  2. The SPRINT method of treating to less than 120 systolic results in producing diastolic pressures which are probably too low. This results in hypoperfusion problems — especially for brains. Increased dementia is something they didn’t even look for. As a matter of fact, the SPRINT trial was closed early, and long-term side affects were ignored.

  3. Great presentation!!!
    I suspect I might have high blood pressure and family hx.
    69 y/o and haven’t been to a clinician since 1978. Definitely do not liked to be poked and probed but no complaints when procedures needed to be done over my lifetime.
    I suspect white coat syndrome will elevate BP.
    I would prefer a chance to get used to the BP cuff over time then an average of multiple measurements.

  4. Mine just shot up. Deep breathing. Acupressure at points. Went to the store and bought some berries and fresh spinach. Sitting, waiting. It’s coming down.

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