The Minimum Cardio Needed For A Healthy Heart & Lungs

The Minimum Cardio Needed For A Healthy Heart & Lungs

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “How much cardio is enough for a healthy heart, lungs, etc.?”

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“The Minimum Cardio Needed For A Healthy Heart & Lungs”
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  1. I tracked my heart rate during my weight training session and much to my suprise it turns out to an intense cardio session too. More so than I can accomplish on a treadmill. It is as follows 16 min anaerobic, 30 min aerobic, 15 min fat burning, 1 min warm up. Is it a good thing that I take care of the cardio training during weight training or am I killing my gains? Any opinion will be appreciated😊

  2. What are you guys talking about? Slow cardio is amazing for fat loss. I do high intensity resistance training + slow cardio and whenever I do slow cardio I get shredded. I really don’t get this tattooed guy’s advice that if your goal is to lose fat, cardio is not the way to do it. Yes it is.

  3. I feel cardio is definitely needed for heart health besides jus heavy weight training I use to be anti cardio for last 25yrars only weights but since covid I incorporate it for 30min on treadmill walking on an incline 5 6 days a week along with weight training 6 days a week

  4. The easiest thing to do in exercise is sit & lift…

    Hardest thing to do? Cardio. I always like to point out this example
    In MMA there are the guys who come in & have chest day 4 days a week like Conor McGregor. Then there’s the bad *sses who aren’t soft and are tough enough to actually break a sweat & keep going- like the Diaz brothers with Nick & Nate Diaz who are infamous triathlon runners…bruh, you can’t really say your fit if you can’t jog 2 miles without stopping. Sh*t my dad can do that and he’s 74

  5. I could be absolutely wrong when I say this but why do I hear about body builders having heart attacks? They do a great amount of resistance training. I feel like cardio might be a necessity no? Or is their diet just really bad??

  6. Why would you want to cut down on cardio when we evolved to run over long diet on the grassy savannah? Lol walk more not less. The benefits of cardio speak for themselves

  7. For this kind of info look what doctor Peter attia recomends. Starts with 3 /30 minutes zone 2 . Until reach 3 days 45-60minutes zone 2 . Thats aerobic base and is crucial to increase aerobic capacity and is not verte stresfull on the joints. Run/station bike/jump rope

  8. Ever see a Kalahari Bushman? That’s what a default human eating a completely natural diet should look like

  9. I jog (not on a treadmill, actually jog) 3 times a week for 30 min. No more than that. That’s PLENTY for me

  10. Yeah weight is so good for your heart, as we can see from all the heart attack bodybuilders. Very good for you by itself for sure

  11. Large meta analyses have shown that there is no net health effects from more than about 2500 calories expended per week at a moderate pace with some 15-60 second periods of higher intensity. In fact, health hazards tend to start to drop (improve) very fast up to about 1500 calories burned in exercise, plateau out to about 2500, and then get worse, and by 5000-6000 calories expended in exercise per week all of the health benefits have been negated. It is a very symmetrical graph. Even elite runners started to have negative health factors and illness when their average workload exceeded 40 miles per week.

    If you train with weights at decent intensity for 3 hours a week and move around between sets you reach that 1500 level which has been shown to provide about 85% of maximum health benefits, and if you weight train for 5 hours a week you probably reach the peak benefit and additional work can actually start to reduce health markers and increase health hazard ratios.

    The only reason to do more cardio after that is for performance, not health.

  12. 1 mile at 6 mph on treadmill no incline; try additional 1-2 miles 9.0 incline and 3.5 mph. If u count calories u eat with the above, you can lose fat. The strength training is good to add if u have time, but if you are over the desired weight, it is difficult to burn enough calories lifting weights in the gym an hour a day! If you have many hours to burn at the gym daily, ignore my advice.

  13. i do one hour of hard cardio every single day the cardio haters need to STAP IT ! get of the roids!

  14. 01:21 30 minutes a day for overall health!! The reason I don’t follow these bro science guys, 30×7 is too much, just do it once or twice every 6 days.

  15. For me, my goal was always muscle gain so I was scared from cardio because “its killing your gains bro”. But true is that cardio is not only way how lose fat. Our bodies need cardio because it is way how prevent high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol levels and also being short of breath after going upstairs isnt cool too. So now for me, cardio is essential part of my workout routine.

  16. I’d argue tho, if strength size & results are what matter to you, cardio can only improve that goal because with a bit of cardio, especially long distance, you will see yourself being able to lift for longer times.

  17. Doesn’t matter how big your muscles are or how much can you lift, if you can’t run 6 miles under one hour you are not fit.

  18. Zone 2 training is good for improving mitochondrial function, which enables the effective use of stored fat. True, you can not outrun the fork.

  19. I’m a sixty eight year-old man who mentors a twenty two year old young man who is a hard-core bodybuilder. I do a lot of zone 2 hiking in local state parks six days per week, lift weights three days per week, etc. When the twenty two year-old bodybuilder and I hike together, he is incredibly out of shape (huffing and puffing like crazy) when walking up hills, etc. since he does NO CARDIO exercise. Unfortunately, I see a bleak future for him because of this.

  20. Jogging a mile is roughly 100 calories , therefore if you run a mile 4-5 times a week it’s easy to compensate for

  21. I think jogging is vital to improving your sex game.. your ability to lift for longer increments when your doing strength training or even resistance work… You also get that runners high in some form every time.. and yea makes your stamina better which in turn makes anything you do, better, especially if it’s something that you do for long periods of time. Personally I think people who exercise but skip cardio, are p*ssies

  22. My main cardio options:

    1. walking the dog
    2. bicycling
    3. recumbent stationary bike
    4. rowing machine
    5. VR Beat Saber game
    6. VR exercise games like BoxVR

  23. This information is wrong. You get significant mitochondrial improvement and longevity improvements with zone 2 cardio if done 180+ minutes a week

  24. These guys don’t know what they’re talking about cardio gows beyond stamina you shoulf balance resistance with cardio if you wanna live longer…

  25. Stair climber 160-175 bpm avg bpm everyday for an hour keeps my high strung inner jerk sedated. Plus hiking hills for 2 hours. Low impact on everything but your quads and butt, feels amazing and eventually you can run a steep hill without getting winded.

  26. You can do all them pushups to pump up your chest..

    But if you can’t jog 2 miles straight without stopping, your not in shape

    No 74 year old dad can do that no problem…guys who just come in & do a few bench press reps or squats in the gym & leave are the same ones who are panting In heavy sweat after only going 4 minutes in bed with they wife whereas a guy who lifts & runs will smash for an hour & want more 10 minutes later.

  27. Why does this guy think resistance training is “just as” beneficial as cardiovascular training? Misinformation

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